Opting-out of fogging

You can opt-out of fogging by sending a letter to the Columbus Public Health Department. The property owner (unfortunately, not the tenant) must write to CPH with a request to be exempted from mosquito spraying

In the exemption request, include your printed name, address, and phone number; you may optionally include your email address (this is to allow for faster notification to you in case of any need to over-rule the opt-out request)

The request must be signed and mailed to:

Columbus Public Health
240 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215-5331

The opt-out requests will be honored as long as there isn’t a public health emergency (the kind that would draw the attention of the national news). In that case, CPH would attempt to notify “opt-out requesters” in advance so that the requesters could take steps to minimize exposure.

If you don’t receive written confirmation of your opt-out request, you should call the City of Columbus’s Call Center by dialing 311 (or 614-645-2489 from your VoIP or non-participating cell phone) and ask to opt-out of fogging. If you get voicemail, leave detailed contact information (including your street address).

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