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Have you been fogged while outside? Has your property been fogged even though you requested exemption? Have you had an experience with the “vector control” folks that you’d like to pass along?  Please share your story in the “Leave a Reply” box below.

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2 Responses to “Share your fogging story”

  1. Neal Edgar says:

    I recall a few years ago a woman made the front page of The Booster for protesting fogging, and the reactions it had on her. I also recall her being ridiculed. Before and since then I would be walking my dog, early in the morning, and have the misfortune of walking at Whetstone Park where the fogging truck had been. In this age, we use a lot of things that aren’t good for us, but often do it because our senses don’t experience it as bad. Walking into the fog I immediately knew that this couldn’t be good for me or my dog. Or any living thing that entered the fog zone. Just nasty and toxic. We can choose some of our poisons, but not having a choice for something so blatently toxic. is destructive. Thank you for doing something about it.

  2. Sara Morris says:

    Does anyone know who is responsible for the fogging that occurs in the Grove City area? Our neighborhood was fogged last night around 10 PM, but we are not highlighted on the Columbus Public Health Fogging Map. Each time I hear the fogging truck coming I rush around the house to close windows and then watch out the front window as the truck goes by, feeling absolutely sick to my stomach that I pay taxes so that someone can poison my property and my world. Some of the articles I’ve read state that spraying is only done at certain times to avoid people, pets, and beneficial insects. This is simply not true. Several weeks ago we were fogged around 8 in the evening. At that time kids and pets are still playing outside, and many pollinators and beneficial insects are still buzzing around flower beds and crop fields. Neighborhoods like mine would benefit so much from just a little bit of education about how to keep mosquito populations down naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals. It’s really as simply as dumping the pet’s water bowl and sweeping the water out of puddles. Surely I can’t be the only person living in Grove City that feels this way.

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