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Google Map of Approximate No-fog Requests City-wide

Monday, September 1st, 2008

A Google map of opt-out locations (as of 25 August 2008) is available via this link:  Opt-Out Locations

Note that the locations are approximate (they’re based on Google’s interpretation of street addresses) and may be inaccurate by several hundred feet. If you have doubts about your opt-out status, you should contact Columbus Public Health’s vector control organization at 645-2483.

No-fog Maps for Clintonville

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

The following no-fog maps were received from the city on 25 August. They purport to show all of the homes in the Clintonville area that have requested exemption from the mosquito fogging. If you find your neighborhood but don’t see a dot near your house, you may have been omitted from the no-fog list.

To check on your no-fog status, contact Columbus Public Health’s vector control organization at 645-2483.

North Clintonville/South Worthington No-Fog Map

South Clintonville/OSU area No-Fog Map